Friday, 27 January 2012

Sad news

I've just heard the very sad news that Thomas Samoht, author of the Westcountry Folklore blog, has sadly passed away. He will be sorely missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him in the folklore community. His blog has been such an inspiration and a wonderful source of knowledge, and his passion for folklore truly brought his tales to life, and he certainly had plenty of strange and fascinating westcountry tales to tell! Thomas was always happy to lend a hand and share his knowledge whenever I had trouble finding a source or tracking down the origins of a story, and without his help I wouldn't have found nearly as many interesting faery places to visit in Dartmoor last summer!! You will be missed Thomas, and the Faery Folklore of the UK group won't be the same without you. My thoughts are with his wife, daughter, and family at this very sad time.


Minerva Black said...

I just saw this news, I too am sad. I feel history of villages and people must be preserved and the only way to do is to 'tell the tell'. Thomas will be missed by all of us who shared the passion with him. Thank you for giving us this news.

Ansley said...

It is always horrible to lose another living soul,every life lost is a tragedy for humanity as a collective.It is so much worse when you know and respect the person who has died.All the knowledge they had is lost to us,and there will be no soul to replace them.I only hope that he may rest easily and forever dream of peace.