Thursday, 9 July 2009

Elva Fairy Hill

We decided on a weekend away in the Lake District, and after a few minutes searching on the internet, I'd soon come up with a list of possible fairy sites to visit. I say 'possible' as I haven't researched these fairy lore stories as thoroughly as I do for the Northumberland locations, but once I run out of local myths to research I'll soon set about researching the further away ones! :)

First up was Elva Hill, reputed to be a fairy hill and a secret gateway to fairyland. At the top of the hill is a rocky outcrop, and on one side of the hill is an old stone circle. Below you can see Elva Hill both close up and from the base of the hill. Unfortunately the stone circle was off limits due to Bulls in the field.

Sources and Further Information
The Modern Antiquarian
The Fairy Hills of Cumbria


Unknown said...

yaay! I have a story for you - I live in north pennsylvania USA near a coal mining area. I heard a long forgotten story that fairies were chased out of the town and in anger they made it very difficult for the stone to be broken down for construction. My theory is that it came from the many Welsh immigrants to the area who came to work in the coal mines.

The Faery Folklorist said...

What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing it with me!! Lots of miners certainly did emigrate from the UK to USA, and it's nice to think they took their folklore with them. Perhaps a few fairy folk, knockers, etc stowed away in their suitcases!